HAVER Snap-Guard®

HAVER-Snap-Guard® is a patented crossbeam wear protection system. In combination with the crossbeam system the Snap-Guard® elements are easy to install. Snap-Guard® wear protection components are standardized and compatible with the HAVER crossbeam System.

Your way to the HAVER-Snap-Guard® system:

  • Contact us
  • Free measurement on site
  • Installation by a HAVER engineer
  • Instruction for easy assembly and disassembly


The HAVER-Snap-Guard® and HAVER crossbeam system will successfully counteract the Problems related to the wear of crossbeams.

Your benefits

With the HAVER-Snap-Guard®-system, extend your maintenance intervals, reduce downtime, lower your operations costs and raise your Profit per ton.

  • Low-wear polyurethane
  • Absorption of the impact energy
  • Easy assembly without tools and disassembly
  • Partial exchange of single elements
  • Can be retrofit based on brand
  • Completely encapsulated crossbeam