Ty-Wire Hybrid Screen Media


The jump from woven wire cloth to polyurethane can be big – the open area and weight difference can significantly alter the performance of your vibrating screen and affect your product quality. Ty-Wire offers greater open area than polyurethane, and actually weighs less than wire cloth.


Features and Benefits



  • Ty-Wire is proven to last 4-7 times longer than wire cloth.
  • Hooked section installs like woven wire cloth, so no deck conversion or additional hardware is required.
  • Manufactured with an engineered composite material over woven wire cloth; it performs similar to polyurethane but offers greater open area.
  • Tapered openings virtually eliminate pegging.
  • Rugged enough to handle heavy loads in wet or dry applications.
  • Lightweight sections help improve safety.
  • Decreases noise.
  • Available with side- or end-tensioned hooks.



Up to 4-inch top size, depending on the application and tonnage.