Ty-Rail™ quick-tensioning system cuts screen change-out times in half, reducing costly downtime & improving productivity & profit for a fast ROI.



Features and Benefits



The patented Ty-Rail™ quick-tensioning system cuts screen change-out time in half, drastically reducing costly downtime and improving productivity and profit for a fast return on investment.


Ty-Rail is designed to fit Haver&Boecker Niagara side-tensioned vibrating screens and is standard on each machine. Ty-Rail can also be installed when refurbishing older Haver&Boecker Niagara machines that have 3-bend tension rails.


For other side-tensioned vibrating screens, please consult the measurement guide below to determine if it is compatible with your machine.





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Ty-Rail Kit

Assuming one screen change-out takes on hour. Each Ty-Rail kit contains two tensions rails along with all of the bolts and angle boxes required to tension one 4-foot or 5-foot section.



Tension Rail Kit



Measurement Guide

Determine if Ty-Rail can be installed on a non-Tyler brand vibrating screen by consulting the measurement guide below.

Bolt Pattern on Side-Plate

Installation and Operation Clearance

Dimensions for Measuring