The Haver R-Class is a reject screening machine.
It has been developed in a compact design and especially for fully automatic screening, upgrading well-known Big Bag and silo systems.
The use of HAVER R-CLASS guarantees that no reject or agglomerates will get into the final product at the packing process.

The control sieve (round-shaped element) is available for every application, i.e. in different sizes and with small mesh sizes.
Based on the very small dimensions of the screening machine, it is possible to expand existing plants without any problems.
Even in case of a large feed quantity and small mesh widths a constant material flow is guaranteed.
The range is up to 1000 kg/h feed rate.

The Challenge

Do you have rejects and agglomerates in your final product?

Especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry this could lead to significant complications.

By using the Haver R-Class it is possible to solve the problem without affecting the performance of the plant.

The Solution

The Haver R-Class guarantees that no rejects and agglomerates can be found in the final product at the packaging process.
Additional inspections are no longer necessary.
This fact saves time without affecting the material flow.
Various screening cloths can be installed, adapted for your material and application.
Easy integration of the control sieve in each section in your production process, for example between Big Bag and silo system.

Features and Benefits

  • Better quality of products
  • Removal of rejects and agglomerates
  • Simple and fast assembly and disassembly
  • Acid-resistant and food-compliant material
  • Upgradable in your whole plant
  • Applicable in several fields: Food, Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Standard sizes existing/special sizes on request