The quality of a raw material in a natural deposit is uniform only in the ideal cases. Very often the quality of the raw material in the natural deposit and its extraction process varies. This has ramifications on subsequent mining processes. In addition to the changes in particle size and the properties of the stone material, the type and amount of the unwanted material especially can have a considerable negative impact on the result of the washing process. A material that is not sufficiently cleaned can lead to technical problems in subsequent downstream processes, which can lead to a product that requires further processing or one that can be marketed only at a lower price.

Despite all the obstacles in creating a uniform, profitable and saleable product, we offer our customers an expert process analysis along with functional models. After completing such an analysis we have the opportunity to develop a process engineering solution for optimising the plant. Another area is evaluating the plant from technical and economical standpoints. This takes place with the realization of the plant at centre-stage.

AVER NIAGARA offers an all-around package for its customers where experience and expertise all come from a single source. It first starts with a look at the natural deposits, the recording of fundamental technical data, and includes the planning, development, and drawing up of flow sheets and process technologies. In the next step the appropriate machines are put together and incorporated into the plant design. Our complete package is rounded out by expert plant start-up, spare parts supply, and the ongoing support for everything surrounding the plant and its processes.